Apprenticeships for non levy payers

As of Jan 2020 Non-Levy paying employers can access funding to cover up to 95% of the costs associated with training an apprentice in two ways, namely:

  • You can access your own funding directly and use it to appoint an accredited training provider and assessment organisation to carry out and accredit the training on your behalf.  Alternatively you could use it to carry out the training yourself if you have the right accreditations.
  • You can appoint an accredited training provider who has access to funding to support apprenticeship delivery (although this option is likely to be phased out in the future

You’ll pay the training provider directly and agree on a payment schedule. If you employ fewer than 50 employees then the government will pay 100% of the costs of apprenticeship training. If you exceed the funding band maximum, you’ll need to pay all the additional costs

You may have to contribute between 5-10% of the costs depending on the age of the apprentice and size of your company.

At ESS we can help you directly access this funding and find a suitable training provider if required (click here to request our help)

In addition we may also be able to use this as an opportunity to bring in additional funding or support to assist your company.


There are a number of financial incentives and grants available to companies who employ an apprentice.  These vary depending on a number of factors including; the apprentices age, the size of your company, the geographical location etc

Please get in touch if you would like us to calculate what could be available to you. (click here to request our help).


Here at ESS Assist (ESS) we work closely with employers to ensure that they maximise all the public funding available.

Step by Step process

  • We will work with you using our organisational and training needs analysis tools (ONA/TNA) to identify your current skills gaps and strategy, future skills needs and hard to fill vacancies.
  • We then review your current workforce and training budget and look at what is currently eligible to be funded via an apprenticeship or indeed other strands of grant funding.


Becoming a Registered Training Provider

If you wish to utilise the funding to training your own apprentices (or maybe those of your supply chain) you may want to consider becoming a registered training provider.
Here at ESS we are able to guide you through the whole process so that you are able to deliver your own in-house accredited apprenticeship training.

Engaging With Registered Training Providers

You may already be engaging with a training provider or are considering expanding your training provider supply chain network.
ESS is liaising with thousands of training providers and is able to assist and manage the process of identifying the right quality strategic training partners for you that will be the best cultural and organisational fit for your organisation.


YES there is!

The government is continually awarding public funding to accredited training providers to assist companies with their organisational recruitment and training needs.

If you have a current training provider they may not have access to all the many types of funding available to you.
You may be eligible to apply for this funding if you become an accredited training provider.

Alternatively ESS can introduce you to training providers who currently hold different types of funding that have been quality assured and have the best cultural and organisational fit for your organisation.


Whilst not all training is eligible for Government support, it is often the case that the better training providers can incorporate other non funded training (e.g. regulatory courses) into BLENDED LEARNING delivery at NO EXTRA COST to you. This training, whilst not part of apprenticeship accreditation, can still be extremely beneficial to you as an employer and to the apprentice.

Please contact us on 01977 705203 or Get In Touch using the online form if you wish to receive further information.