Buying/Selling Your Training Business

At ESS Assist the senior partners have personal experience of successfully buying and selling their own training companies.

Their buying and selling experience in the field of training and education allows them to give valuable insight in where the pitfalls are as well as highlighting where synergies are likely to be made.

ESS successfully works on one of the largest sales in the Training and Education Sector

A 5.8M sale of a business to a listed company the MBH Group

The ESS mergers and acquisitions team are delighted to announce that MBH has completed the acquisition of Logistica Training Limited to support the growth of its education industry.

Peter Brooks Logistica Director commented: “We are delighted with this outcome and would like to thank ESS for introducing MBH to ourselves. We believe this is a great fit for our organisation and are looking forward to working alongside other members of the MBH Group.”

Ian Peacock, MD ESS, said: “We introduced MBH along with a number of other significant interested parties. MBH provided the best solution that allows Logistica and its owners to move forward into a bright future. This is a great result for all parties concerned.”

Listen to MBH CEO, Callum Laing, as he comments on the acquisition of Logistica Training and the launch of the new MBH Medium Term Bond Programme.

Buying or Selling Your Business- Pre sale advice

Buying or selling a training company that accesses public funding has its own set of hurdles that need to be overcome and a number of stakeholders will need to be engaged to make the sale happen.

Valuing a business has been described as somewhere between guess work and a black art!

However whilst  both sides will often have differing points of view on value as both the buyer and seller attempt to mitigate the level of risk, a sensible figure and transactional process should be possible between two willing parties.

When buying (or selling) a company it is easy to get swept away in the detail of “making it happen” and lose objectivity as hurdles and issues present themselves.

Engaging with ESS Assist will allow you to have another independent view from an experienced outside perspective.

“We were delighted with Ian Peacock the ESS M&A team.
They advised us through the whole process and brought to the table a wealth of personal knowledge and experience resulting in a successful sale.”– Former Liverpool FC star player, Jamie Carragher, of Jamie Carragher Sports & Learning Academy Ltd

Undertaking due diligence

This is a critical part of the process and ESS Assist have experience of full PLC type due diligence journey and can advise drawing on their experience.

Planning your exit route from the business

Often there’s a right time to sell your business… a moment in time…when many different factors come together. In training these decisions can be driven by outside factors such as new contracts that have been won or a changing government agenda.

Preparing your business for future sale

When you sell your business is better planned than being forced into an early sale as invariably your business is likely to be valued less if the latter is the case as the power in the transaction rests with the buyer.

ESS Assist are able to review your business and give you an honest appraisal of how prepared you are for a current sale and what needs to be done to get you into a position that would make you attractive to a potential purchaser.

ESS Assist can also help to give a strategic overview of the training market in relationship to where a strategic fit with other organisations may lie.

ESS Assist has good relations with corporate specialists who operate within the area of buying and selling training companies.

Selling your business

ESS Assist can help identify potential targets looking to acquire businesses in your sector, offer advice and support and be with you on the journey as the deal begins to come together.

Post Sale Advice

Selling your business can be an emotive and emotional journey…It’s been your baby and post sale it won’t be anymore.

Inevitably there will be a period of adjustment and possibly you may have been asked to stay on during an earn out period.

ESS Assist can stay with you on the journey and offer support guidance and advice in your new world.

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