Professional Training Business Search Service


Our Mergers & Acquisitions team have access to dozens of training companies currently for sale, both directly and via our third-party network. 

Find Training Companies for Sale

We have successfully helped clients both find and sell some of the largest UK’s training providers, and we’re now offering our professional search service. 

Our professional search service includes:

Acquisition Brief – Initial Consultation with an M&A specialist

During this meeting we’ll discuss your acquisition needs and criteria, including budget, size, location, EBITDA and sector. We’ll also talk you through the acquisition process, what you can expect from us and answer any questions you may have.

Training Company Search & Identification

Using your criteria, outlined and agreed at the commencement of our service, we will then identify companies (targets) who are involved in providing training or similar services in the UK, or elsewhere if specified by you, for potential acquisition.

Presenting & Approaching Targets

We will provide you with a monthly schedule and a short description of potential Targets. If instructed, we will then approach targets on your behalf to discuss a possible purchase/investment.

Initiating the Purchasing Process

We’ll provide you with feedback on the reactions of targets following our approaches and if suitable, we will initiate a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Purchase Process.



Here at ESS Assist, our senior partners have personal experience of successfully buying and selling their own national training companies in excess of £10M Turn over as well as a partner ex BDO corporate financial partner with a vast experience of M&A world with worldwide connections.

Our buying and selling experience in the field of training and education allows us to give valuable insight into where the pitfalls are as well as highlight where synergies are likely to be made.

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