Our Modern, Intuitive and Flexible e-Portfolio System

Platform Online Management Systems

Platform OMS is one of the most intuitive, process-based digitised learning platform online solution designed to be a fully flexible and customisable package.

Unique & Tailored to the Training & Education Sector

The platform is user-friendly,  simple to use, and can be embedded into systems for use by all types of further and higher education training providers and businesses alike. Functions within the platform and system allows a provider to showcase what they do well in supporting each learner and their employer to meet their identified goals and also assists in helping to meet the sector external regulatory body requirements for good practice in further and higher education and skills establishments.

  • One Centralised System

    The Platform brings many functions into one online space, removing the need for multiple systems.

  • Low Implementation Cost

    Setting up with us is easy and affordable

  • No Minimum Requirements

    Our flexible solution doesn't require a minimum amount of learners, making it much more cost effective for SMEs and new providers in particular.

Centralise and Digitise Your Processes & Resources

At Platform OMS, we can help by developing your tracking, recording and monitoring processes. Our flexible software helps providers to ensure their processes are streamlined efficient, effective and cohesive. 

Each section of the platform allows learners, employers, practitioners and provider managers easy access to recording, tracking and monitoring of each stage of a learner’s journey with you and the opportunity to review the evidence that supports a learners’ progress over time.

The platform allows the space to accurately record the learners’ application of underpinning knowledge and their long-term memory acquisition, that is targeted and sector specific. This information is recorded over time and used to demonstrate development, achievements and career progression, mapped against the starting point of their learning journey with you.  

Other features include Fatigue Management, Competence Management, Planning, Accident Management, Asset Management, Careers Advice & Guidance and Read reports.

Careers, Advice & Guidance

Our careers, advice, and guidance section allows for detailed granular information to be recorded and mapped throughout each learner’s journey so that checks are made to ensure that each individual is on the right course/qualification/apprenticeship standard, sector area, and level to meet their next steps aspirations and employment or further/higher education goals.  

The Platform provides targeted sector-specific, careers advice and guidance, which includes a range of contextualised, but realistic opportunities and an employment/jobs availability section.

Easy Access and Control

Our platform has the capability to facilitate efficient tracking of each learner’s performance, manager and practitioner input and is a unique opportunity to ‘go paperless with your processes and access information from anywhere, anytime and on any Wi-Fi enabled device’.

Access and control to the various functions can easily be provided to each learner, their  provider practitioner, line managers of an employer and the training provider, internal management responsible for quality arrangements, business employees, and the company leadership team to track, record, monitor and review and analyse all of the recorded information to inform reporting mechanisms and improvement/development planning and processes.

The Platform provides a flexible and fully customisable experience to ensure your processes are streamlined efficient and effective, cohesive and allows ease of planning for the future including helping to inform the rationale of our business, strategic and curriculum priorities and planning with the Education Inspection Framework requirements embedded into processes for good practice.

Our  platform is unique, and tailor made for our further and higher education, learning and skills sector that is not onerous to use, but has built within it a strong suite of learning resources that all lead to underpinning each learners achievement and successes during their learning and skills development journey with you as a provider.

We’re carrying out process and system reviews for a range of further education and training providers who are currently using multiple systems, a paper-based approach, or a system they feel isn’t up to scratch to see if The Platform is better suited to the needs of their business, employees & learners. Fill in the form below for more information. 

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