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Display Screen Equipment Awareness (Approved by IIRSM)

Our display screen equipment courses are aimed at users of display screen equipment (DSE) and
those responsible for assessing display screen equipment. A ‘user’, is anyone who regularly uses
display screen equipment for a significant part of their normal work. In practice, if you use display
screen equipment continuously for more than one hour a day, then you’re a ‘user’.

So what do we mean by display screen equipment?

The first thing most people think of is a computer monitor. But that’s not the only thing it refers to
Display screen equipment could also mean laptops, tablet PCs, televisions, smartphones, CNC
control pads, portable diagnostic screens or equipment containing cathode ray tubes, or CRTs.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations contain special directives covering
DSE safety. Both employers and employee‐users have responsibilities under the legislation.
This course fulfils your statutory training obligations and covers among other things,,, the correct
way to set up and use your display screen equipment safely. Reducing the risk of work related

Course Overview

  • Duration

    50 mins
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Module Overview

Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Display Screen Equipment Awareness1Introduction70
Display Screen Equipment Awareness2 Legislation70
Display Screen Equipment Awareness3 Protecting Your Body70
Display Screen Equipment Awareness4 Adjusting Your Chair70
Display Screen Equipment Awareness5 Adjusting Your Screen70
Display Screen Equipment Awareness6 Work Arrangements70
Display Screen Equipment Awareness7 Adjusting the Layout of Your Workstation70
Display Screen Equipment Awareness8 Adjusting Your Work Environment70