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Leadership Skills (Approved by CPD)

CPD & ILM Approved

Course Description

A leader doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘manager’, but it’s difficult to see how a manager could be
truly effective without having at least some leadership skills.

This course starts by introducing the basics of leadership and explores where the concept originated
from. It then goes on to discuss various leadership theories, including situational leadership,
contingency theories, transactional and transformational leadership and more. It then moves on to
discuss developing teams including and team members by looking at the role leaders play in this.

The final two modules cover the role communication plays in effective leadership and finishes off
with a module about moving forward together to achieve a shared vision.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at supervisors and managers that want to develop more effective relationships
with members of their teams. The course can be a great starting point for people new to their
leadership role as well as more established managers that want to enhance their skills. This acts as a
great introduction to the subject.

This course can be sold to individuals who are doing the training for themselves or it can be pitched
to businesses who might want to put all of their first line management team through the training, so
they are all work in the same way and have the same skill set.


CPD approval means that this course can be used by those that need to prove they are continually
developing themselves.

ILM approval means that this course can provide candidates with a recognised management

A strong leader will motivate their team, improving morale and efficiency and ensure that their team
is of a common purpose.

Online training is flexible, efficient and cost effective meaning the candidate can progress through
the modules at their own pace and in their own time, so they can fit the training around their work
and personal life.

Further Progression

For candidates that want to add more qualifications to their CV our Introduction to Emotional
Intelligence course is a great introduction to that aspect of Leadership and management.

For candidates specifically interested in developing resilient teams our Developing Teamwork course
goes hand in hand with this one and expands on some of the key ideas and how they can be applied
to teams.

For candidates new to management roles Managing Meetings would be a great next step although
working through any of our range of Business Skills courses would be valuable.

Course Overview

  • Duration

    90 mins
  • Approved by

  • Number of lessons

  • Cost


Module Overview

Course Module Number Module Name Pass % Required
Leadership Skills1Leadership and Management70
Leadership Skills2 Leadership Theories70
Leadership Skills3 Team Development and Leadership70
Leadership Skills4 Individuals Within Teams70
Leadership Skills5 Communicating One-to-One with Individuals70
Leadership Skills6 Moving Forward Together70
Leadership Skills770