Bespoke Support for Employers & Training Providers

Quality Assurance & Improvement Support

Individualised Coaching Support, Advice and Guidance

Here at ESS we offer a range of services specifically individualised and tailored to assist your organisation to improve on the quality of your provision, and to prepare for external regulatory audits. Our work includes developmental support, reviews, and coaching for ESFA funded and non-funded post 16 education, learning, and skills providers & employers. We work closely with out providers to improve or further develop their quality of provision and education, leadership and management structures and practice, the effectiveness of their infrastructure and business processes, including organisational growth, change management and increased business outturn strategies.

We aim to provide a service that is long-lasting and sustainable. The ESS Quality Team does not believe in undertaking ‘mock inspections’ or ‘quick fixes’ and instead focus on positive impacts to further develop or improve the way in which a provider works with and supports its learners, apprentices, and employers whilst meeting compliance regulations for good practice.

  • Prime Providers

    If you are prime provider accessing public funding for education purposes you will fall under the Inspection Framework for ESFA funded provision.

  • Sub-Contractors

    In addition if you are delivering public funded training as a sub-contractor or partner to a prime organisation, you will also be subject for an Inspection as part of the lead provider’s inspection of their provision.

  • Employers

    ESS are able to provide specific support for employers who are recipients of an apprenticeship standards levy funding or receive training for their workforce. We can ensure that providers receive an independent and up to date quality audit and coaching support which then opens up the opportunity to be introduced to the ESS employer network.

Expert Support for Training Providers

The ESS team of strategic coaches and advisers have longevity and a track record of proven success in helping organisations to improve their quality systems and practices, placing the learner, their curriculum offer, and quality of education at the heart of an organisation. All advisers are formal auditors and current inspectors with government bodiesOur services include, but aren’t limited to:

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