Senior Management Recruitment

Recruitment Service/Headhunting

ESS has many tens of thousands of direct contacts within the training and education sector many of them senior directors and managers.

If you are a training provider looking to recruit that right person to take your business forward or are an employer looking to bring someone into your business who can set up an in house training department then you’ve come to the right place.

ESS understands that attracting the right senior managers who are also inspirational leaders to your organisation is absolutely vital to ensuring your ongoing growth and success.

ESS offers you a service which will attract, interview and screen potential senior recruits to your organisation.

Headhunting recruitment is more accurate than common recruitment methodologies as it is able to focus on candidates who are often already proven high performers within the market sector you are operating in.

We will work with you to identify exactly what talents you are looking for within the required role and will discuss potential targets with you.

Short listed candidates will be invited to attend an assessment day where they will undergo a series of rigorous tests ensuring that the best candidate is recruited to the senior post.

Our rigorous step-by-step recruitment process ensures that at each stage candidates are evaluated so that you get the best possible candidate fit with your organisation.

  • Step 1 Advertising your vacancy
  • Step 2 Filtering of candidates CVs
  • Step 3 Selection Telephone Screening
  • Step 4 Interview Process
  • Step 5 Evaluation and final selection

Also Available

  • Psychometric Testing and Assessment Centre Testing can also be undertaken where required.

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